“Living Strange” by Wes King

Please bear with me for a moment…

Having listened to this tune a number of times, (I mean a lot), over the last week or so, it suddenly dawned on me – how do I do this tune justice in reviewing it? Found myself drifting off to a dream/soundscape place… this image of a hairy and bespectacled J. Lennon whispering “cracking tune lad” to it’s creator… what’s going on here? Surely not… a Liverpudlian giving a Southern lad musical praise…! Relax man, it’s just a dream, no Liverpudlians ever give praise to anyone down South do they? Maybe if you are Clapton, Glenn Hoddle or God… but this is the debut single from Wes King and I can’t give it enough praise, tune of the year…!

“I originally wrote the song for my previous band (Tres Kings). However, as the recording process went on, it was clear, I needed to strip it back as my own. Some thoughtful piano, light acoustic guitar and slower tempo allowed the vocals to carry the song to a fuller potential. The track was recorded completely DIY in my home studio. Drums were the last of all instruments to be added by session musician Ben Fagg. It was then passed on to producer Mark Allen to tweak the final touches in post-production. The recent lockdowns definitely had an influence on the lyrics. However, it’s no way firmly based on the pandemic. To me, the song is about pushing yourself through hard times. I hope each listener will interpret the lyrics differently, on a personal level.”

Wes King

Don’t be fooled by “stripped back” – turn this up loud, Wes has that intonation and cohesive aggression in his voice that will assist you in banishing “Champagne Supernova” back to the vaults of the 90’s…

Cracking tune lad…

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