Low Girl “Big Now”

Do you ever feel saddened when you hear the news, or when you have been rejected the help you need? If so, it’s time to look into what’s new on this day which sees the release of a second single by a fresh music-writing artist, a song which touches the very topics. If there is anything that could help with the emotional weight, it’s the solace of a song that understands and shares the feeling.
It’s only a bonus that this happens to be a very catchy tune!

Low Girl is a young artist lady skilled with multiple instruments. She found music back at the tender age of 12 when she began writing music to aid herself through the loneliness of her teenage years. Having found the healing forces in music, she has been sculpting her sound from that point, aiming for a sound full of meaning and writing songs giving her perspective on a variety of topics.

Her debut single came out in 2020, marking her entrance to the music scene with a rather stunning ballad laced with orchestral instruments and the bleeding heart vocals, which brought her support from BBC 6Music and Introducing.

The new single offers a completely different sound, immediately gracing the listener with a wavy memorable synthline under warm vocals, all of which go for the topic of apathy and frustration over humankind and climate issues. The determined and rather disappointed tone of her voice, especially in the chorus does make you wonder why people are the way they are – do they feel big now, for not caring?

This song came about at the start of the pandemic where there seemed to be a real rise in the every-man-for-himself mentality. It was also an attack on apathy and the idea that it’s acceptable to not care about things or other people.”

The single marks the beginning of a busy year for the artist, as it also announces the upcoming of her debut eponymous EP carrying 4 more songs in addition to the single.

Such amounts of personality and variety of sound in just the first 2 singles definitely make you wonder what else she has up her sleeve.

“When it comes to what you can expect as a new listener – I promise you won’t get the same thing twice! We’re always trying out different sounds and pushing ourselves to make something unique and meaningful.”

This fresh-faced artist with her unique vocals is set on the road the great things. Join her to see where it takes her!

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