Talitha “Embarrassed to know ya”

Fully embracing every aspect of pop and feel-good music, newcomer Talitha arrives more than ready to make a name for herself in the industry.

The Gold Coast artist is back with her first single of a year and to be featured in Spotify. Just last year, Talitha released Can’t let Go and New Years, both being R&B and funk influenced, modern pop tracks. The previous works established Talitha’s charm and her desire to have fun alongside the listener, and her new single Embarrassed to know ya is certainly no exception.

This time, Talitha is here to show her songwriting and production prowess, amongst other talents of her. The track was written and co-produced by her, letting us know that her smooth, pleasing to the ear vocals are not her only ability. In fact, she’s written, performed, and co-produced her  upcoming EP “Habits of Honesty”, being present in every step of the process to ensure the project will be nothing less than pop excellence.

“I’m now in my twenties and have to decide what parts of me I want to keep, and what parts I want to box up and say goodbye to,” Talitha states in regards to Habits of Honesty, an EP with themes of reinvention and self discovery as she steps into adulthood.

After Dua Lipa’s masterful sophomore album Future Nostalgia and the rise of tasteful hits it caused, Talitha’s freeing and unashamedly confident sound is a more than welcome addiction for lovers of pop music. 

Embarrassed to know ya is the lead single to the EP. It embraces the main characteristics of the project, mainly its vibrant electronic sound and athemic feeling. The track presents a strong bass and catchy lyrics, which focus on the deeping of relationships and knowing what type of people you surround yourself with.

Talitha touches on the topic not a lot of artists do. While there’re many songs about heartbreak and the regret of noticing someone wasn’t ‘the one’ until it was too late, Embarrassed to know ya is mostly about the importance of knowing who you’re loving and keeping close to you. Differences are okay and important in a relationship, but it should never be to the point of compromising or betraying your character and morals. 

Habits of Honesty is set to be released on March 26th, so anyone who’s interested in pop and seeing more of Talitha should keep and eye out for the moment the EP is finally out! Despite this being her first single, it has proved her passion for music and has assured its audience that they will not regret listening to more of her work.

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