Tanoki “Loading”

Today I woke up with a slight headache from a confusing dream, unsure what it could mean and why I even saw that mess. But that’s fine, because there is a new song released that could help with just that, or if it does not unravel the mystery, then it helps to acknowledge the mess we all are. This is going to be a treat for the triphop and jazztronica loving listeners among us!

The Ireland-based man named Paul Mahon is a multitalented artist who has made his name as a visual artist and music producer under his previous alias Geppetto, being an active part in festivals and the Irish music scene in general. He has done film work taking him to various film festivals in cities like London, New York, Sydney and Paris and winning an award for his debut short movie ’Eric’. He has done visual works for a rich variety of artists such as Linkin Park, Walking on Cars, LOAH, Rodrigo y Gabriela, Jerry Fish, Bantum. With such history of collaborations, inspirations naturally start flowing into his own musical endeavors.

Tanoki is his new alias and today he releases a new single called “Loading”.
Infused with the charming vocals from Farah Elle, the song is a delightful triphop tune with juicy piano chords and a light heart.
Announcing to be tired of the loading screen, the tune opens a window to the inherently messy state of mind and the oftentimes confusing dream realm of a person. The song embraces all of these emotions and takes the listener on to a trip into the airy and sweet world perhaps inspired by one of those dreams.

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