Tarn PK “Indigo Dreaming”

Tarn PK adds life to monotone reality with his new single Indigo Dreaming, a song that’s guaranteed to give color and love to whoever has the pleasure of listening.

The twenty year old artist from New Zeland started enjoying playlist success on New Music Friday in 2019 with the release of “Talk To You”, a pop-funk single and part of his first EP. That year provided many sources of inspiration, yet Tarn PK went through a period of art block, feeling that the saturation of synthesizers and electronic sounds was not a crowd he belonged in. 

It wasn’t until Tarn PK came in contact with works from 70’s songwriters, such as Joni Mitchell, Nick Drake, and John Martyn, that creativity started to flow once again. With the new goal of bringing a modern touch to the ideas of back then, Tarn PK started to mix traditional elements with modern production effects and techniques, which has led him to finding his own style.

This time, Tarn PK takes on a new challenge by releasing a song with significantly more modern pop and electronic sounds, a slight diversion from his recent works. 

From October of last year up to this day, Tarn PK has released three singles for his upcoming EP titled “Monarch”. Each track has a slightly different theme, but they’re all in some way related to the world around the artist, whether it is about the feeling of supporting all of its weight on your own, being forced to slow down and find your own pace, or how happiness and tranquility can still be found even in moments of anxiety and stress; the current trilogy slowly starts to become more uplifting, and by the end finally finding joy and confidence in the midst of all the anger and panic. 

As the third part for the EP, Indigo Daydreaming shows a more colorful perspective than the previous releases. Tarn PK leads us further into this otherworldly adventure, determined to prove the beauty of living.

Indigo Dreaming mixes indie folk with some of Tarn PK’s favorite pop elements. The end result is a somewhat whimsical, seemingly timeless sound that would fit right into a painting of a magical forest. A song that was inspired by an electric guitar riff managed to use those soft electronic elements to become an entire world and story of its own, flying high and becoming inspiration for others.

While meeting up with friends might not be possible for everyone due the current situation, this song is one that should be saved and shared with your loved ones. Instilling a feeling of companionship and perseverance in its listeners, Indigo Dreaming is a comfort while you’re separated from the people you love, and a shared treasure that must be listened together once you’ve reunited.

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