“The Way It Goes” by Mark Houston

Damn but some folks have an uncanny knack of doing “the break-up song” but few can make it sound this good… Mark Houston, multi-instrumentalist based in Spokane, WA is the protagonist here ruminating over the recent demise of a relationship. This is indie-pop / alternative pop-folk that strips away the rose tinted glasses in coming to terms with a recent split:

“We’re tied together but the string is loose, the net has come undone. No matter what you catch when there’s a hole, it’ll run…”

What’s exciting and daring about this tune is the celebratory air, a giddy jauntiness, playful vocals, sassy melodica riffs and a groove to match… what influenced Mark?

“I had been in a long-term relationship which ended amicably about six months prior, which brought about a period of self-reflection and personal growth in my life. I fell in love with running, and a college buddy of mine introduced me to both the melodica and Bill Withers (Ain’t No Sunshine, Lovely Day, etc.) whom I listened to on repeat throughout the summer months. It was during this time that I wrote “The Way It Goes,” which was heavily inspired by Withers both lyrically and musically, and focuses on the idea of ‘removing the rose-tinted glasses,’ or looking beyond the positive qualities of something and seeing the full picture for the first time.”

Artist Mark Houston poses for a portrait to promote his upcoming album on July 23, 2020 in Spokane, Washington. Photo by Libby Kamrowski/ Libbykphotography

You can certainly hear the Bill Withers influence, that subtle, delicate intuitive sound may also put you in mind of a Bonnie Prince Billy / Ry Cooder hybrid… so, lots to look forward to with an album release scheduled for later in the year. Though his songs are typically led by layered vocals, guitar-driven melodies, and strong rhythms, you may begin to hear other hidden layers within each track upon listening for the second or third time…

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