The XO – “Naked Craving”

A broken heart is always a good excuse to start a song and artists will always find a new way to convey human emotion, today’s new song brings with it a polished, yet underground style of sound, a slightly raw and aching pop song, ready to be played by anyone with a sore heart.

The XO are a band from Dallas, a trio of young musicians who have shared a musical path in the past and it seems it has lingered till today. The three of them had all together played in several bands before, and now, time lines have dictate a new musical formation. With Jake Red, singer-songwriter, Andre Casares, bass player, and Tanner Vaughn Stephen in the guitars, The XO have created a permeated sound that is part underground and part mass appeal.

With qualities that might resemble bands like The Neighbourhood and modern Bring Me The Horizon, ‘Naked Craving’ bridges from a modern rock pop band mixed with dark emo rap. “While both styles are incredibly popular, it was incredibly difficult to find the perfect blend of the two.

This song has been a work in progress since November 2017, which shows the dedication of this trio to deliver quality, and they are pushing to do multiple singles to give music to their fans consistently, while ensuring this same quality. It took them some time to really even everything out, but now they are ready to advance with full force.

Influenced by bands and artists like Joywave, Gorillaz, Twenty One Pilots and Sir Sly, The XO are able to craft a sound that blends between modern and raw. Having opened for Drake Bell with their previous band “cobo”, the new formation is preparing to make more presentations as soon as the quarantine smoothes out.

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