Young Decades “Let You Down”

Today has something fresh for fans of alternative and rock music, a new soaring song that will pick you up when you fall, released by a truly promising band.

The band calls themselves Young Decades, hailing from England, and builds a bold and well-polished rock sound. Rebuilt from the dust of also-successful previous projects at the time the worldwide lockdown took place, they have released a slew of unique-sounding singles, one every 9 weeks. The band is working towards self-sufficiency, making the studio their home and doing all stages of producing a song themselves. Full control over everything, and that reflects in their sound.

Flying sky-high, the new single is a stunning piece of music driven by exhilarating guitar chords, encouraging the listener to stand up on a hilltop and feel the wind of the world in their face.
Produced under the watchful eyes of a trusted team of masters, the song has all the prerequisites of becoming a successful hit song.

Being the 5th single, the song also marks the arrival of their EP which collects all singles together under one roof, becoming a package representing the diversity of the band.

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