Ian David Green, “Songs of the Sea”

February 27, 2021

We hope you are all taking some time to unwind from the week and enjoy the latest music discoveries we’ve got prepared for you. Today, it is with great pleasure that I’ll be presenting some songs from the debut full album of Ian David Green, which was very recently released; it is quite an unique work of art, so let’s get right into it!

Ian David Green is a singer and songwriter from Liverpool, England, currently living in London. His music draws inspiration from timeless folk artists (Bon Dylan, Simon & Garfunkel, Leonard Cohen) but also from the insights gained as an Oxford graduate, a teacher in the Far East and a traveler in Iceland. Ian’s poetic discourse is accompanied by his guitar, mandolin, harmonica and keyboards; contributing artists in the recording of this album include members of the Scottish Chamber Orchestra, among other collaborators.

“Songs of the Sea” is a very evocative album, one of those works that take you into a profound, inner journey; a meditation about life and the meaning that we find in the lingering feelings and memories within us. Ian presents his material in an ever gentle and caring manner, painting marine landscapes that seamlessly intertwine as the waves of calm oceans at dawn.

“This is a collection of songs written for my father as we supported him through a terminal illness. The subject matter is clearly serious in nature, but the treatments are thoughtful and varied and act not only as a commemoration of one person’s life but also as a story about all of our lives and the experiences, and relationships, that give them value... these songs are real and they have beauty. There are listeners for them, of this I am sure.”

The song “Compasses” transmits a sensation of reverence upon the unexpected turns of life: complete gratitude in light of the realization that it’s always possible to make the best out of any situation. There’s courage in following your heart amidst surrounding chaos, and that strength will reveal the purest values of the human spirit.

The following track, “Light Will Come”, takes up the tranquil pace of the album for a moment, spicing things up by placing a greater emphasis on the percussions and adding soft choruses, along with great brass melodies towards the song’s climax; a reflection on awareness of the future, celebration of the present and recognition of reality as a series of constant transmutations.

The release of Songs of the Sea also fulfills a promise to my father, who was able to hear all of the songs and urged me to put them before the ears of others. The cover photo is of the Isle of Skye and the sound of Loch Carron, as taken from Bealach na Ba, where his ashes are scattered.


This extremely personal album that Ian shares with us is a huge accomplishment in terms of musicality and story-telling; “Songs of the Sea” is a heartfelt ode to life that will not leave its listeners unmoved. Going through the album in its entirety is a memorable experience that I can’t honestly recommend enough.

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