MadZen – “Reencuentro”

The loss of romantic love can be very hard to deal with, especially after a long, complicated relationship, today’s new single is an ode to the feelings left behind after a breakup, the longing of reuniting with our former partners and the guilt one can feel after saying things you shouldn’t have. “Reencuentro” will be my 5th single as MadZen, a song that was crafted a while ago, andI thought it was about time that I release it.

Being a Mexican artist one must fight against the current of what’s “new” and “popular”; plastic trap, pop, cheesy melodies, everything I tend to look away from is now trending. What I try to do with MadZen is make and release music that resonates with what I actually feel, not some made up nonsense of how many women or how much money I have.

I find that spiritually, the practice of making music from within, no matter the genre, is infinitely more rewarding than trying to fit in the show biz, even if the genres you cover are not entirely similar. Diversity is key for me, and I find human emotion pretty versatile.

I wrote “Reencuentro” a couple of years ago when a long time relationship had really felt apart, and naturally I endured it by writing a song. The song started with a couple of mindlessly strung guitar chords, I immediately recorded them, added reverb and delay, and it really was smooth sailing from there, as I added bass, drums and atmospheric pads.

I tried to give the song a huge climax with a wall of sound of voices, guitars and drums and then it suddenly fading away. I like to think the vibe is not all gloomy, as I tried to give it a certain sense of hope in the background, ending the song with a mayor chord, like a final statement of “It’s not over, you’re not over”.

Looking ahead, I’m much better now, but I think this song represents what most of us feel after a breakup, and maybe listening to “Reencuentro” brings a certain kind of support to whoever needs it. More from the likes of my single “Suave (Come Dance) than my previous one “Escontó”, this 5th single tackles human emotion and carries the sound of endurance and self love.

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