Madonnatello – You Owe Me Rent

Don’t let the Danish group Madonnatello deceive you with You Owe Me Rent. In fact, don’t let Madonnatello deceive you with being Madonnatello, thought provoking as they are. If you see their cover art, their band logo in particular, you’d expect metal, grindcore maybe. But instead you get treated with a beautiful steamy indie-shoegaze-pop track that sounds perfectly in harmony with the weather becoming warmer again in the Northern hemisphere.

And while you bop along to the sound of an early Spring, you realize you’ve been tricked again. This track’s pure heartbreak, leading to greed post-break up. And it’s done well, nicely going overboard with it too: “You owe me rent for my body, rent for my time”. Absolutely love the production too, vaguely reminding me of the better tracks of M83, if I were to compare it to anything. Perfect slow weekend track when it comes to sound and lyrically something to get sentimental to without losing the smile on your face.

In their own words “The song skips the clichèes of break-up songs, and tells a story about how heartbreaks can lead to emotional and humorously tangible greed…In many ways the debut single “You Owe Me Rent” represents Madonnatellos core: Melancholy, humor and bitterness.”

“Madonnatello welcomes you with slow-dance indie tunes to both wake you up in the morning and tug you in at night. With their tight repetitive beats, secret guitars, hooky vocals and grand synthesizers they open up the gates to a new world of feel and sound, and creates an instant mood while listening”.

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