S J Denney “The Sticking Point”

Looking for something psychedelic, mood-driven and fresh to give color to your day? If yes, I’m pleased to present a new single that will definitely be sticking to your playlists!

Multi-instrumentalist and singer-songwriter, Essex-based artist creates a unique blend of alternative sound together with a selection of Indian native instruments. All that plus inspiration flowing in from the likes of the Beatles, Kula Shaker and Paul Weller gives a fertile ground for his story-teller lyrics, supported by the soft morning-sun voice of the man.

His newer section of releases, written in his home cabin during the pandemic, have been a therapeutic outlet for him. Due to the circumstances, he plays all the instruments himself, crafting an emotional raw-edged atmosphere.

The single, loaded with raw unfiltered emotions, runs a wonderful captivating melody through a hazy mind plane of psychedelic mixture of sounds. Infused with inspiration from 60s/70s rock scene, the song gets more flame from the vibrant sounds of sitar.
Written based on a recent major life event, the song is a hazy echo of past times of his life and his lesson to himself to learn from the mistakes of those close to him.

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