Ali Bla Bla “Island”

Ali Bla Bla stands up against the injustice he sees and experiences in his everyday life, being a voice for anyone who feels alienated in the place they consider home with his newest track Island.

The producer, rapper, and multi-instrumentalist has dedicated himself to making music about the harsh truths of reality, with his previous release “Speedy Coke” talking about the physical and psychological dangers of low-quality drug consumption. The skillful and clever lyrics are usually accompanied by 90s and 00s inspired hip hop, rock, and grunge melodies. 

This time, Island is a rap song backed by a moody punk band and its fair share of dirty guitar riffs. The track holds it’s strong intensity from beginning to end, hard-hitting and passionate through and through.

The track was produced by Ali Bla Bla in his infamous Lonesome Dog Studios in South-West London. 

Ali Bla Bla’s strong delivery leaves no room for confusion. He expresses himself without sugarcoating his opinion on the current England, ire and disappointment present in every verse. There’s clear sincerity in his words and passion about the topic at hand. 

Island is mainly about the experience Ali had growing up as an immigrant in England. It lightly touches on his parents’ struggles, and focuses greatly on racial identity. Brexit and its aftermath, the Black Lives Matter movement and the recent rise of the Far Right also have a strong presence in the track. 

The music video is a mixture of real life footage of the topics in the song, and Ali Bla Bla rapping to the camera. It works excellently at showing us the way he feels and making us empathize with his emotions, as we can see the reasons why he’s so angry at the violence filling the London streets.

Through a heavy punk sound, Ali Bla Bla takes us to a riot. The song ignites a desire to fight and reject any exploitation, brutality and oppression that threatens our freedom; it’s three minutes and thirty-two seconds full of dignity and resolve. 

Ali Bla Bla wrote this song as a refusal to let sorrow fill his heart. Now, Island works to let others who share similar experiences let go of their agony, and at the same time inspire those who suffer from different problems to follow his lead and protest against those injustices.

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