Andrew Shapiro, “Mint Green”

March 1, 2021

Welcome back to another feature of New Singles! For this entry, we’ll be presenting a piano piece by Andrew Shapiro, Brooklyn-based composer and songwriter… hope you all enjoy it!

Andrew Shapiro is an American  composer, heavily influenced by the 80s New Wave pop and Classical minimalism. Graduate of the Oberlin Conservatory of Music, he has written music for film and theater projects, performed in America and Europe and recorded a synthpop album, followed by three solo piano albums. His music is regularly played on worldwide radio, and he’s been featured in the New Yorker, ABC News, CNN, The Independent, Gramophone, BBC and KCRW radio.

In 2009, Shapiro recorded his “Numbers, Colors and People” album at the Philip Glass’s studio, with “Mint Green” quickly becoming one of his most acclaimed works. This piece, recently remastered and rearranged into a shorter version, immediately demonstrates an unique sensibility; Andrew’s blissful melodies and the serenity brought by his delicate touch are certainly captivating… graceful arpeggios, soft pedaling, and a wide dynamic range are some of the recourses brilliantly employed in this work.

I was a young artist making my first album and was amazed a piece of art-music could find the reception that it did. But it was in the way that it did I continue to find fascinating. Mint Green has resonated with fans of a number of disparate artists and genres. It’s Classical, Ambient, Emo, Pop and Trance simultaneously. One could make the case that this is really a piece of Electronica realized by a human on a piano…When the piece reached into mainstream territory I started hearing from people all over the world. In recognition of this journey, I’ve created a remastered and shortened version (four minutes); the one I play on TV and in other appearances.”


The (re)discovery of this piece will be much appreciated by anyone who enjoys art in its most expressive forms, by those who seek beauty in contemplation and those who long for a moment of stillness in the frenetic pace of the modern age.

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