Fashion Bird Danger Danger – “Phanerothymes”

It’s fun, it’s psychedelic, it’s funky, it’s creative, kinda scary and remarkably experimental, it’s everything we innovation-seeking-psychedelic-nerds are looking for. Today we will review one of the most outstanding and inspiring pieces of art we’ve seen since the start of the pandemic.

“Phanerothymes” is the new eight track album by psychedelic post pop super group, Fashion Bird Danger Danger, a super collaboration between John Wlaysewski and Olive Hui of ‘Late Cambrian‘, Matthew Milligan and Joey Slater of ‘Wheatus’, and Lisa Hammer (Mors Syphilitica, Triana Orpheus on Venture Bros) and Levi Wilson of ‘Radiana’.

Every song delivers a unique story and landscape on its own vibrant expression. A capture of brilliance and what the fruits of a team work can bring.

The album feels flawless from top to bottom, the production techniques are mind-bending, the compositions are a daring coup and the mix and sound design really finish to capture this masterpiece created by NYC’s lockdown super formation. Probably one of the most amazing things about it is that it was remotely made, on it’s entirety, as the artists send each other music back and forth between August and December of 2020.

Words can’t really describe in its whole the amazing level of craftsmanship and dedication this album has, or what these six artists have achieved during such daring times. One can only express admiration and respect for the creators. “Doo Doh Psychedelic” is the first track of the album which main message is “life is hard, existence is fraught, take acid / shrooms“, and it feels like nothing you’ve heard before, but then again, the whole album does.

Second track’s “Evil and Discount Fabric” lyrics were written by Joey Slater and
are about the allure and pitfalls of celebrity culture. Impressive, that’s just it. The Linewonders about the line between successful and sociopathic, all within majestic waves of guitars and bass (the guitar work just made me jealous).

Pretty Fly” is about the groove of the song, but also about the fly in Mike
Pence’s hair during the 2020 USA VP debates. The oscillating drums are what really drive this one up. “Timey Wimey Waterpark” is my personal favorite and it’s a back and forth wave of delight with a slurpy vibe and green herb aroma.

Hunted (Werewolves of the Astral Plane)” is bit scary yet captivating, it tells the story of how Lisa Hammer and Levi Wilson fall asleep and meet on the astral plane, with Levi showing up as a wolf and chasing Lisa through the corners of her mind. “Phanerothymes” (my second personal favorite) is an instrumental about pushing the limits of key and rhythm. Heavy guitars, hazy vibes, syncopated patterns: good to go. “End Times Are Here features a demonic incantation sung by Lisa in a dead language, followed by a procession of demons walking towards an altar of evil. At first: spooky, demonic, a bit slimy. At second: heavenly, messianic, spiritual, an offering to the gods.

Last song “Pretty Fly on a White Guy” features MC Lars, rapping from the point of view of the fly on Mike Pence’s head and by this point I’ve run out of things to say, as I stated earlier, words just don’t cut it, so if you’re into amazing music, innovation, creative songs that push further from any boundary and specially, psychedelics, go ahead right now and do yourself a favor. Press that play button.

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