World’s & – “Vice”

A new EP from Swiss Indie Pop Rock band “World’s &” rises up like a force of nature, uniting elements of rock, electronica and Opera, creating a unique canvas of musical creation. We’re taking about “Vice” and we’ll get over some of the best bits of this mesmerizing production.

“Vice” is a four track EP which feels almost like a soap opera, starting with a rock, pumping vibe, going all the way through more subtle yet powerful nuances, ending with a huge climax of chaos and emotions. The three piece band consists of Natalie Anston on vocals, César Dyrberg on guitars and Lucas Innocenti on drums, three equally motivated musicians who have found a great connection.

Starting with “One”, a song that speaks of the complications of love, the ups and downs of being in a relationship and yet the importance of staying in the same page for the relation to thrive. We immediately hear the band’s mixture of indie rock with opera influenced vocals, while a bed of synthesizers carries us through the chorus.

Look at the Stars, the second track, strikes softly with Natalie’s voice in a bed of guitars and keyboards, which then suddenly passes to a more power rock ballad style, reminding of “The Great Gig in the Sky” by Pink Floyd. The lyrics tackle mental health, as it gives positive messages to the potential of oneself.

“Ocean” starts quite accurately with ocean sounds, and it is a beautiful composition by César Dyrberg that talks about the preservation of our oceans. Natalie was inspired during that time by the good actions of companies such as “4Ocean”, who were making big impacts on our world’s oceans treatment, so the first word she sung was “ocean” once she heard the composition.

“Vice” is the last and most powerful track of the EP, a big and ethereal capture of human vices inspired by the 90s sound. Natalie took influence from Alanis Morisette’s song “Ironic” and created a couple of stories about a man, a woman, and their vices. Being the final song, the EP ends with a loud and chaotic bang of instruments and Natalie’s opera voice.

The name “World’s &” is a word play, meaning they’re not the “end” but the “and”, and they hope that their music can unite their listeners in their fears, their hopes, and most of all their dreams. A well-intended goal, and we wish the best for this young trio of bright musicians in their mission to make the world a better place.

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