Rise in Veins “Pieces”

After making noise in the rock community with their superb debut, prominent hard rock band Rise in Veins are back in the scene with their second single Pieces, assuring their listeners that their previous success was not without proper reason.

The band made their debut on the fifteenth of January of this year, arriving just in time for the crew of Less Than 1,000 Followers to share their thoughts on the song (check it out here). The band left both the team and their many listeners with a mixture of great satisfaction and hunger for more exceptional music. Now, only six weeks after their debut with “Unsaid”, this up-and-coming masterpiece of a band has released another outstanding piece. 

While their debut single focused on betrayal and the frustration one feels after being backstabbed by a special person, Pieces has a much more positive theme. The track is about yet another special someone, only this time it’s an ode to the kind of person who can fill that hole in your life: a person who can make one feel complete and help their life be on the right track. 

Pieces is meant to remind listeners of the broken and missing pieces we often have to collect and fix in order to feel whole again. It does not romanticize receiving support or confirm that help will fix all the problems in life; instead, it gives the healthy message of how companionship encourages one to keep moving forward now that they’re not alone. The struggles from yesterday may still be present, but now there’s an extra force that will help in defeating these obstacles. 

Releasing these two tracks back to back was one of the best moves Rise in Veins could have done. Not only have they maintained the authentic heavy rock sound that made them stand out back in January — they’ve also managed to show how they can master two polar opposite topics. By showing their versatility and songwriting skills, Rise in Veins has shown yet another one of their talents while simultaneously tantalizing listeners with endless possibilities, all resulting in a banger of a song.

The highlight of the track has to be the intoxicating guitar, which flows with an excess of energy throughout the entire duration of the song. Its quick, sly dirty riffs and strong presence bring another dimension to a song that features a heavy bass and persistent drums. Of course, said drums are more than merely impactful, as they help ground the song in the same way a special someone grounds one to reality. And that’s not even mentioning the vigorous vocals and how they can make one believe and trust every uttered word. The combination of sounds is exhilarating.  

These four talented individuals have certainly not disappointed, and more than likely they will not do so in the future. 

In fact, Rise in Veins plans to keep releasing stunning music in the form of singles until they feel they’ve got more than enough support to continue with a full length album. This is an invitation! If you have connected with Rise in Veins’ music and desire to show support, do not hesitate to let the group know they’ve got a fan in you! A single person’s help will always be important to starting artists.

If you enjoyed Rise in Veins’ music and would like to stay updated, be sure to check out their official website. For social media you can follow their Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter accounts. To listen to their music, you can head over to their Spotify profile, Soundcloud, and Youtube channel.

You can also support the artist by streaming and sharing their music, which can be found in the following Playlists: Fresh Singles, Sickest & Dopest, Alterindie State Of Mind, and Less Than 1,000 Followers.

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