Hybrid Kid – Coming Round Again

It feels like it’s been only a couple of days since the last time I wrote about Hybrid Kid, but it turned out to be a little over a month. I guess their previous single 1 2 3 was a good friend to spend time with, as it apparently flew by. Their latest outing is the track Coming Round Again and it reminds more of their The Mirror Escapes album of last year. That early-mid 2000’s Alternative sound that propelled bands like Hot Hot Heat to great heights at the time (and for good reason). It’s laid back, Summery, the instrumental part even a little yachty (albeit too raw/sharp for that). That guitar lick’s absolutely delicious, however and worth listening to just for that. The vocals and drums are all lovely, but take a closer listen and notice how varied that bassline is as well…. Worth listening to twice, thrice, more than that, focusing each time on a different aspect and realizing it’s all top notch.

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