Maki Flow “Better Off Alone”

Maki Flow gives a sneak peak of her debut EP ‘Can’t Act My Age’ and the colorful, energizing energy every track holds by releasing the very anticipated first track, Better Off Alone.

London-based solo female artist Maki Flow has been gaining success and gathering attention since the start of her career. Maki Flow was born and raised in Rome, and her accomplishments started there before she moved to London at the end of 2018. It was in that same year that she moved from being recognized mostly in her previous city to gaining Spotify success by obtaining over 100k streams in a week with her single Teenage Love, a collaboration with the duo Wallaby. 

Since then, her musical career has been more than established and her future only shines brighter with every new project. Now Maki Flow is finally ready to wow the pop world with her debut EP.

Better Off Alone is a combination of Maki Flow’s musical growth and her trademark pop sound. Starting off with delicacy in slow-paced verses before it gathers enough energy to explode in what can only be called the culmination of disco pop, the irresistible fusion of stadium pop with late-night disco beats and her compelling vocals make it impossible to only listen to the song once. The vibrant disco pop sound of Better Off Alone is one that can be enjoyed anywhere, whether that is a nightclub’s dance floor, in front of the mirror in one’s own bedroom, or blasting off in a huge area full of fans.

On a more personal level, the song represents how Maki Flow has finally found her own voice and independence through her music, a message and feeling she hopes listeners can relate to. 

Maki Flow gave some insight on the track, saying “I spent years in relationships back home in Italy, so used to being with someone and losing sight of who I really was. Then I moved to London on my own, and began to realise I didn’t need someone by my side to make me feel worthy. It was then that I discovered how to stand on my own two feet.”.

The track is the embodiment of independence and self-love, as Maki Flow realizes that she can be her own priority and does not need to rely on others to find meaning in her existence. For any listener who struggles to see their own worth or feels dependent on relationships in order to love themselves, Better Off Alone is the needed reassurance that the most important person in our lives should be ourselves. 

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