The Kid And I “Hey”

We’re excited to introduce a new charming single by an artist called The Kid And I. A story of two lovers and their dysfunctional relationship translated into some of the most enchanting music, this new song marks the beginning of an audiobook without a narrator and has the perfect sound of a new favourite track!

The Kid and I, hailing from Hertfordshire, is a project of multi-instrumentalist Jacob Powell who creates an enthralling aural world of alternative rock. His inspirations run in from a wide selection of artists such as Phoebe Bridgers, Mac Demarco and Tyler, The Creator, influencing to create an own unique ecstatic vibe free to fly, knowing no barriers and refusing to conform to any set rules.

Today sees the release of the project’s second single, which immediately envelops the listener with a sweet dreamy drony guitar sound and ethereal choral backing vocals as well as the beautiful voice of Jennifer Glatzhofer. The haunting dreamscape atmosphere supports the story told by the lyrics of two people who have seen each other around for a while.

“‘Hey’ is a song featured in a wider concept album about two dysfunctional lovers from the beginning to end of their relationship. The song is the point in the story just before the characters meet for the first time. They have seen each other around and feel that there’s definitely a connection between the two, “love at first sight”, though there is an underlying sense of something not quite right under the surface. The song itself is about the fantasy both characters hold about the other, about what they want the other person to be. I wanted the music to highlight the dream like quality of the scenario, and by the end starts to reflect a more sinister and obsessive quality that both characters have.”

Written during summer 2020, the song’s story and message have got considerable amount of weight during the time of isolation. The song also marks a period of the artist’s life, decision to quit antidepressants, and during one of the downtimes, the constant angry state, he wrote what turned out to be one of his calmest songs – unexpectedly strong contrast between what he was going through and the resulting single. This contrasting energy has definitely woven itself into the melody of the song, making the tune so enchanting.

“For me, every release is about pushing the boundaries of what I can do, to expand the music world of The Kid and I and feel exciting and fun whilst doing it. So for this latest single ‘Hey’ there is a broadening of our sound, a detour from the raw and energetic vibes on my first single ‘White Feather’ to something calmer and more menacing. This is only the tip of the iceberg for me and what I want to do with this project and there is a very long list of things to come in the future.”

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