Geo Moon ft. Taylor Mitchell (Not Now Norman) – Run Boy (No Longer)

After the big releases 12 Years of Patience and Prior to the Forest you know you can be sure of 2 things: 1. You won’t know what to expect, as Geo Moon is as eclectic as the colour palette of Van Gogh. And 2. Whatever comes out is generally good. Definitely no jack of all trades, master of none ordeals with Geo Moon. Jumping right into the newest track in collaboration with Not Now Norman‘s vocalist Taylor Mitchell turned out to be among the most balanced louder tracks of producer-musician Geo Moon to this date, with lyrics written and sung by by Mitchell.

Initially the description of the tune kind of made me unsure if I should talk about this at all… As the instrumentals are based on a scene in Game of Thrones (S8E5) and I believe I’m among the 3 or 4 people who still never has watched a single episode of the series. Something kingdoms, dragons, ice, with extra explicit, right? So without the visual knowledge of what this scene is about I can summarize it shortly: pretty, ethereal music, with a tablespoon of impending doom, performed great. First there are the haunting vocals that sound a little like gaida (Balkan variation on bagpipes) does.

And then, once you get used to this surrounding, suddenly there’s this big beat coming in, fueled by guitars and Taylor Mitchell absolutely chanting her lines… “I won’t break again…,” she calmly starts, before absolutely letting it all out. And it’s grand! And what’s let out is even more important – she also has been a victim of domestic abuse and escaping it, or even having the courage to, is much easier said than done. This track’s empowering in that respect, really giving the energy to make steps: this no longer. It seems like it’s been a much bigger and daring effort too, compared to Not Now Norman’s deal-with-it lyrics along the lines of “Judas, stick it up yer ass”. Which is super entertaining and fun, don’t get me wrong, but this is from a different dimension completely and NNN fans may be in for a shock listening to this.

But this is mega. The track’s great and even if it isn’t your thing, the message is a pressing issue and should be spread. Top job! So where to follow them? How about everywhere! Not Now Norman can be found on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and even their own website Meanwhile, Geo Moon can be found and supported on Bandcamp.

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