Mike and Mandy “Ash Rain”

In the state when it feels like everything is on fire, it’s always a good idea to turn to music for its understanding and comforting nature. Now it’s an even better idea to open up your music player, because there is a new song that has the ability to understand and sports an uplifting vibe. It’s time to introduce a truly energetic duo and their new single!

Mike and Mandy are a dynamic Los Angeles-based duo that first connected when they were both working on a play called “A Comedy of Errors”, and they’ve been inseparable since.
Both of them have been breathing music even before they met, with Mike having an affinity for keyboards and drums and a history of reggae, acid jazz and funk, and Mandy having a long history of singing and performance. Together they create a spiky blend of genres, crafting a unique atmosphere for each song.

“Music is an adventure. Mike and Mandy are creative crate diggers and shape shifting music makers. Each song is like a new play, with new characters, shifting genres, and something new to say. We hope to move you, inspire you, and surprise you and we hope you’ll join us on the journey.”

“Ash Rain” is the name of their new single, bringing in influences of female rockers in black to the ecstatic drums and the wicked good guitar play. Her singing gives off the raw untamed energy reminiscent of Janis Joplin, sweeping the listener off the feet. While the track got its name from when the West Coast was on fire and it was raining ash, lyric-wise the song touches the very relatable topic of cold indifference that those seeking for help and compassion often meet.

“Mandy wrote “Ash Rain” when the West Coast of the United States was on fire… it was literally raining ash on our neighborhood. Rain had been forecast and so she went outside only to find grey particles of ash falling everywhere like ugly snow. But the song is a metaphor mixed in a homophone… how often do we go to the well seeking life-giving water only to find dead ash? Why is “ash” all some people have to offer? We’ve all had relationships where the compassion and understanding we seek from another person isn’t met but instead, rebuffed by cold harsh judgement or indifference. The song title could also be spelled “Ash Reign,” about someone acting out in status and control. It’s about requests for help and comfort being met with coldness and denial. Instead of cake you get crumbs. Instead of living water you get dead ash.”

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