Ashley YQ “My Valentine”

Today we have some great news for people seeking for calm vibes – an exciting fresh rising artist has released a single that is sure to become a new favourite for winding down after a long day!

Ashley Q is a fresh-faced singer-songwriter living in Denmark. Music is her passion and an outlet for her vivid world of fantasy, becoming her vehicle of choice to spread hope and positivity. Inspired by her favourite movies, games as well as a variety of artists such as Madonna, Phil Collins and Daft Punk, her sound is a pleasant combination of calm well-versed synths and her lovely singing voice.

“My music is all about spreading hope and optimism. I want to inspire people, inspire them to follow their dreams and see their potential and possibilities. I want to tell a story with a bit of a fantasy twist. My inspiration, I get from various places; movies, video games, locations, people, past events. I hope to be the shining sun on people’s dark, rainy days.”

Previously she has written 4 demos which are on her Youtube page. Now, she is ready to release her first single!

Produced with her good friend Niké Laos in his studio, the song instantly brings on a truly laidback warm floating atmosphere. A real fairytale with chillwave synth chords that feel like soft blankets. The lyrics sung by her gentle soothing voice tell a tale of a person in love with the idea of falling in love with another person, flowing in the mellow tide of the emotions they feel.

“The track describes the magical adventures of two individuals, while being completely in love. It’s an idea of the perfect love story. You fall so hard for someone and just want to be with that person all the time. The couple share all the beautiful moments and memories together, by being an example of the perfect match. This story gives hope and positivity; for everyone, there is someone you can write a beautiful fairytale with. All the places and feelings mentioned in the lyrics are aesthetically pleasing and make it easy to picture the perfect love life the listener would want. While writing the song, I didn’t have anyone particular in mind. I just wrote the things I would love to experience with my future soulmate. I wrote the song in my bedroom and pitched it to a friend a few weeks later. He liked it and started producing for the track immediately.”

Inspired by 80’s synthpop, one of her favourite genres, the song becomes the perfect calming pill for the anxious mind. A good beginning for her musical career.

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