Ginger Jones “Don’t Fit”

For International Women’s Day, Ginger Jones dedicates the imposing pop electronica track (and debut single) “Don’t Fit” to women all around the world, especially those who suffer the injustices found in the art industry.

Born in Barcelona in 1995 and growing up to be a lover of musical theatre, pop among other genres, and the phenomenon known as British culture, Ginger moved to England to study musical theatre and, when she saw no results from all her arduous efforts, she decided to move back to Spain where she began to create a new project. This project, also known as her newly debuted career, allowed her to find her inner self and be reborn as a new Ginger Jones.

Her debut track, Don’t Fit, is a show-stopping sample of all the potential and talent that finally has a chance to come out and dazzle all audiences.

With a catchy repetition that perfectly embodies the annoyance of being forced into a mold, Don’t Fit successfully captures everything that comes with being a woman in the current century. The track also features a fun, distant adlib that helps reinforce the message of the lyrics and works as the voice of other women who feel the same way as Ginger Jones.

Although the lyrics focus on the harsh reality female artists have to go through in the music industry, women in any field or occupation can understand and relate to the words in the song. In fact, some of the things mentioned in the lyrics can be experienced outside of the workplace, in places such as schools and malls. To put it bluntly: this is something women face everywhere, every day.

About the song and it’s upcoming music video, Ginger says “this song protests against the injustices women suffer in order to succeed in the art industry. We are very often discriminated [against] for different aspects and we are told we don’t fit in this industry for multiple unfair reasons. On the music video we wanted to celebrate diversity so we contacted women that identified with the cause. Don’t Fit has a powerful message, it’s a cheerful pop song that will get you singing and moving your body along with the rhythm of the song.”

Don’t Fit is an anthemic song about defiance. The song’s slow beginning song soon vanishes as a new addicting pop beat arrives, inciting listeners to groove and enjoy to the fullest. With both her powerful sound and dazzling style, Ginger Jones is more than ready to make a name for herself in this industry, and in the meantime she won’t hesitate to criticize everything that’s wrong in it.

Ginger Jones is currently preparing for her debut album, receiving assistance from producer TikanProd (also based in Barcelona). She has now confirmed that the album will be full of fresh pop electronica sounds infused with some jazz and 80’s and 90’s influences.

If you enjoyed Ginger Jones’ music and would like to stay updated, be sure to check out her official website. For social media you can follow her Instagram and Twitter, account. To listen to her music, you can head over to her Spotify profile and Youtube channel, or you can purchase her single in Bandcamp.

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