Tom Peregrine “the boy”

Filled with observations on life, descriptions of self-growth and the comfort of nature, Tom Peregrine‘s debut work, the boy, is the much needed sweater-weather, astral folk record that lovers of folk and sentimentalism have been waiting for.

More than a debut EP, the boy is an art piece filled with friendship and all the opportunities Peregrine had during the songwriting and recording process. The EP contains several collaborations; from Lucas Laufen’s production, Paulina (Paula) Bartsch’s advice and Elisa’s cello to visual artist Sarah Collins Froggatt’s cover art, every part of this work has been handled with love and attention, something that’s reflected in the end product.  

Artwork by Sarah Collins Froggatt

Containing the lingering youth of a man who’s recently stepped into adulthood and the maturity of a kid who’s always been ahead of his peers when it comes to wisdom, Tom Peregrine’s the boy is an amalgamation of the most memorable and bittersweet parts of growing up.

The EP opens up with ‘Hear Your Heart’, immediately greeting the listener with the lengths one goes to understand a loved one and the space that can easily build up between two people who are meant to be in a loving tight embrace, all to the tune of a slow-paced, soothing acoustic guitar. This first track begins the theme of the album, slowly introducing the audience to fusion of maturity, relationships, and self-growth that the other songs will be focusing on as well.

‘To The Boy I Was Yesterday – Extended Version’ is an expansion of a previously released song — the same one that brought Peregrine and Laufen together and one of the main contributors to the start of this project’s final phase. The track has a mellow sound that allows for Peregrine’s vocals and songwriting skills to take the spotlight.

The country-folk heart of ‘Inner Strife’ contrasts with the struggle detailed in the lyrics, making for a awe-inspiring depiction of the conflicting feelings of a person who wants to be better but cannot stop their current way of living. On the other hand ‘Better Place’, a song that features violin wizard Andreas Will, has a more positive outlook; it is here where, after the storm of the previous track, self-improvement and motivating others to do the same starts happening.

The second to last track, ‘Beefriend’ showcases the best of Tom Peregrine’s storytelling talent. The more cheerful, easy-going rhythm of the song, which hadn’t appeared as much in previous tracks, awakens the listener and delivers a nice change of the pace in the EP. ‘Beefriend’ is enjoyable in a different way to all the other songs in the boy, for it delivers the most hopeful message amidst all the tragedies mentioned in the lyrics. 

Last but not least, ‘The Song’ is the third single and final track to the EP. Dedicated to the illustrator of all of the boy‘s artwork, Sarah Collins Froggatt, it touches on friends forced to be apart by time and great physical distances, and how reminiscing the time they’ve spent together both helps ease the pain and only makes the yearning grow bigger. There is something undoubtedly moving about the final song of a collaborative project being dedicated to one of the people who made this possible. It was a touching end to an evocative EP. 

the boy will forever be many things: the debut EP for a talented German songwriter, an emotional and heartwarming ride, an everlasting proof of several friendships, and the perfect six songs to listen during a bonfire, a day in a lonely cabin, or in a road trip with friends who don’t mind you looping the same tracks again and again, for that music gives them joy and fits the moment more than anything else. 

In a way, I can’t help but feel that the boy is a long letter Peregrine wrote to himself. Whether it’s for a young kid who’s still learning important life lessons or to a future self who will look fondly on this era of his life, every second of this ethereal, cosmic and sometimes nostalgic work is a commemoration of important changes and self-improvement. There’s no doubt that in the future the boy will be seen as a treasure full of some of life’s best moments.

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