Dawn Somek “Revolving Doors”

Joining Dawn Somek‘s self proclaimed sad party, we’re introduced into a soulful yet poppy ambience with the single Revolving Doors

Based in Israel, Dawn Somek is a singer-songwriter who grew up training to be a classical singer, while listening to a variation of rock, soul and pop music. The combination of her musical background, preferences and influences have enabled the creation of Dawn’s unique sound, resulting in a colorful fusion of sounds that cannot be labeled as only one music genre. Since the beginning of last year, she’s been focusing on writing and releasing music in English.

Dawn Somek dips her hand into a colorful lake and is soon after able to present . With the help of her two producers, Dawn has been releasing passionate, gleeful music that slowly helps bring to life her vision, also known as Dawn’s World. 

‘Revolving Doors’ is her fourth release in general, the first of 2021, and her most pop-inspired sound to date. While the song contains several soul elements and cannot be classified as pure pop, there’s in a unquestionable feel similar to that of unexpected hits that hit just as strongly as any single from a popular pop artist.

Songs about toxic relationships tend to lean in one of two directions. It’s very common, although not boring, to see artists sharing the pain the relationship brings them, or to see the side of them that’s now done with their partner and instead focuses on celebrating their newfound independence. ‘Revolving Doors’ is neither of those takes.

Whenever we see a new perspective, we can’t help but feel appreciation over the fact that we’re receiving some variety. In the case of this single, we can also celebrate how the song is sweet, easy to get lost in, and hard to stop listening to. In a way, the sound of ‘Revolving Doors’ has the same effect as a person we feel unable to cut ties with.

Focusing on how impossible it seems to separate yourself from someone you know is clearly bad for you, the song uses revolving doors as a metaphor for how one keeps going back to the same cycle without finding themselves able to stop. In three minutes and twelve seconds, we’re able to receive a seemingly sweet story that starts on a loop but slowly moves on to become a song that encourages us to overcome these obstacles and fight for something better, since we all deserve more than what a relationship like that can give us.

CC: “Hey, I’m Dawn and my latest single ‘Revolving Doors’ talks about a toxic relationship. I’m guessing that we all have that one person that [is] really, really bad for us and ‘Revolving Doors’ talks about that struggle to say goodbye and the whole process of saying goodbye. And I chose to take it and celebrate it, don’t let it consume me. So I’m inviting you to join my party, my sad party, and celebrate sadness and happiness and everything the relationship gives us. Um, I can’t wait for you to hear it! So join my party, will ya?”

By pushing the boundaries of what can be joyful yet sad, Dawn Somek has created a space for people who go through everyday struggles and solve them in their own unique ways, just like the distinctive landscape Dawn creates with every new song. 

Just as her catchphrase claims, Somek makes one feel part of a sad party; despite touching on the complicated and often painful side of issues such as life and love, her music is able to maintain a positive energy that assures you things won’t be negative forever.

Dawn Somek’s music is a much needed encouragement letter we can’t get tired of.

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