Georgie Fisher “The Queen”

There is a new gem ready to be discovered, and this one is particularly impressive. Raw honest emotions reflect and infuse with a unique colorful pattern this Australian singer has mastered beautifully. The new single we’re introducing today is nothing short of stunning!

Georgie is a Sydney-born singer-songwriter now living in Berlin where she has built up her name with her signature blend of unique voice and rhythmic guitar fully capable of surrounding the listener with a movie-quality story. Her must-see live performances create beautiful blues and soul infused atmosphere full of unfiltered feelings many feel but only a few can articulate as beautifully as she does.
The artist, who has previously released a strong album and an array of singles and EP’s, is back with a new shining single.

You can imagine a vivid movie scene with a sorrowful person wandering around their home or the streets, sad for missing opportunities and wishing to start again. This song would be a perfect soundtrack to this plot, with the heavy lyrics and equally weighted playing that just grows in intensity, as the pain of the desire increases.

It’s the final part of the 4 consecutive singles that touch heavy revelant topics of homelessness, LGBTQ topics and empowerment of women. Also, good news for vinyl-loving listeners – Georgie plans to pack the 4 singles into an EP pressed on a 10-inch vinyl record. The sound of vinyl will most definitely give this an unforgettable feel.

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