Droplet “Let’s Seek Revelation”

Being stuck in isolation takes a deep cut into mental health, that’s for sure. There’s also nothing quite as potent at healing and offering solace, as music. Thus, I’m glad to offer something new, unique and particularly refreshing that is surely going to become a favourite to listen to on repeat!

Droplet is the minimal electronic alias of Demi Papazoglou. Fueled by the themes of self-reflection and inspiration from a wide arena of artists, genres and life experiences, her sound is a multi-layered haunting spacious travel through the human mind. Soft and caressing on one part, electrifying and full of untamed psychological energy on another side, her music never fails to captivate the listener, offering an enchanting aural experience to connect on a deep level.

“First time listeners of my music can expect to feel vulnerability that is comforting, a certain quality of hypnotism, with elements of sensuality on recurring themes of self reflection.”

Her new single is continuation to her psyche-electronic soundscape, encouraging listeners to stop escaping themselves and to give a first good introspective look on the path to healing. The deep warm droning sound carrying the song, and her amazing and emotional vocals bring on a trance state especially in repeated listens. Stunning piece of music, which in parts is reminiscent of meditation music and is full of enchanting visceral tones.

“I wrote ‘Let’s Seek Revelation’ during the lockdown in Melbourne last year in response to the pandemic. The song commands freedom by entering an endless imagination characterised by infinite possibilities and an eternal longing of salvation. The underlying sentiment is that to live freely you need the tools that are within you. With the confinement experienced by many people last year, self reflection was completely inescapable for many, which emphasises the sentiment even more so.”

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