LULL – Fed Up

LULL got their new single Fed Up out and it’s exactly as you’d expect: loud, heartfelt and a bit over 2 minutes long. And while these lads from Newcastle (UK) are heavily influenced by hardcore, it’s working fine on a punk mixtape as well. Generally it’s a bit slower than hardcore too, but the vocal delivery is very hardcore indeed. The bass drives wonderfully well too. I love it when that’s a very audible element.

“So sick of bottling it up!”, was shouted on their previous single Someone Press Rewind and it seems to not have helped as we now get “I’m so fed up of this!” and I have a sneaking suspicion that if they were to release an album, there’ll be plenty of opportunities to let it all out – and this would make for a great soundtrack to do it to! This one seems more about how things are nowadays, how it all used to be so simple back then.

But how convincing it’s brought. I’ve become a fan. Turn off that IDLES album you’ve been listening to over and over like it’s something new (Anti-Nowhere League just called, it isn’t) and start appreciating other loud bands from the UK that are melodic and have something to say – and if not, at least emotions to share with us. I’m not fed up of this tune anytime soon, that much is for sure.

Now, as for following… They’re everywhere, but using google for a short word like LULL and finding the right thing can be a bit troublesome, so let’s make it easy for you: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Spotify, Soundcloud, Bandcamp and a couple more you can also find on their LinkTree. Also check out their virtual gigs on Songkick, because, 2020/21… But honest, do it!

It also helps to stream and share their music; you can obviously find it in the following Playlists: Less Than 1,000 Followers, Fresh Singles, Sickest & Dopest and Alterindie State Of Mind.

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