Memphis Stone and The Elevators – “Say Goodbye”

What happens when you mix an artist raised in the late 50s/ early 60s during the Motown Studios golden era and comic books? A cool, fast-paced, energetic rock song with a lot of history behind it. Detroit’s prodigal Motown son, Memphis Stone, returns with his re-formed band The Elevators, and this time they’re giving a real twist to Memphis’ music career.

“Say Goodbye” is the second release from this mystified trio, and it promises to stick around your head with its driving bass, dazzling guitars, heavy hitting drums and powerful lead vocals. Following their well received first single “Realign”, Say Goodbye delivers a sharp, 70’s homage, rock and roll anthem.

There’s a lot of mystery and lore behind Memphis, as it is rumored to have sung in many famous tracks as a young boy while hanging around the Motown Studios at age 8. However, he never got credited as he was a kid. Memphis then attempted to take up his own music career on both sides of the Atlantic, but sadly it never quite hit the highs of his early promise. So, suddenly and without a trace, Memphis seemed to vanish from the music industry in 2001.

However, life sometimes has its own plans, and the cryptic singer found himself meeting writing duo Tom Weaver and session drummer Lenny Bonetti in a country pub in late 2019. It was them who convinced the legendary singer to back out from retirement and re-form Memphis Stone and The Elevators.

The single speaks for itself, filled with lyrics about the difficulties of getting out of a troublesome relationship, as Memphis sings in the chorus: “It’s so hard to say goodbye“. But despite the content of the lyrics, the song leaves you with a positive and refreshing energy.

Recorded remotely, “Say Goodbye· was brought together under the guidance of producer Steve “Smiley” Barnard (The Alarm, Archive, Joe Strummer, Robbie Williams) at Sunshine Corner Studios and the mastering and mixing talents of Matt Hay (Robbie Williams, The Who).

And one of the things we love most of this single is the artwork. Influenced by the work of Eduardo Risso, the band looked for ages until they found a guy coincidentaly named Edoardo (insta: edodesantis89) from Italy, and they loved his work. “The next three covers are all bloody brilliant, even if I say so myself!” – Tom Weaver

So if you haven’t heard of Memphis Stone and The Elevators, you do now, and prepare to hear a bunch more…

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