Riley Wells “Every Language”

Riley Wells invites us to step into her sophisticated wonderland, where feel-good pop and timeless soul unite to deliver the enthralling single ‘Every Language’.

Singer-songwriter Riley Wells is a young adult based in Boston, Massachusetts. With a freshly complete education in songwriting and music business, from Berklee College of Music, Riley is determined to create music that opens conversations about the young female perspective and experiences, and she’s definitely not afraid to be emotional, sensual, or bold.

With the release of her independent debut EP,  ’Value’, and her summer dance pop single,  ’That Kinda Love’, Riley Wells has accumulated over 45,000 streams in her music in a little under two years. Now that Wells has slowly begun to introduce herself and in the process gained 4,000 monthly listeners on Spotify, this confident and poised artist is ready to step into the big pop scene.

‘Every Language’ is a love song that, curiously, isn’t about words. The track talks about how a love can run so deep that verbal communication might not be needed, because with a simple action the couple will be able to convey and understand far more than any word could send forth. It’s a connection most (if not all) humans crave: a love where the shared vulnerability is also its biggest strength.

The inclusion of R&B and soul elements adds sensuality and allure to the track; the sound successfully lures you into the love the lyrics promise. Just as the song mentions being captivated by someone, the instrumentals steal the attention from the very beginning. After that, it’s not long before Riley’s velvety vocals finish the job, effectively resulting in this track being added to your playlist.

When asked about the track, Riley said: “The experience of writing ‘Every Language’ was different for me than it was for my previously released songs, because it was like my feelings were speaking through me, and the expression of them happened all at once. I sat down to write about the moment I fell in love, and I ended up writing an entire song about it. ‘Every Language’ is the story of love being a conversation that goes beyond our words- sometimes it’s energy, it’s body language, it’s a look. It’s realizing your soul connection with someone is so real, you’d fall for them without needing to hear their words.”

To me, ‘Every Language’ is the sweeter, pop counterpart to a love song like Alina Baraz’s ‘Floating’. Each song has a slightly different take on the romantic fantasy theme, but both. Perhaps it’s because I loved how easy it is to submerge yourself in Baraz’s landscape, and because I found myself feeling the same way with Wells’ song during a time in my life where I lean more towards pop, that I can’t help but be fascinated by this similarity. Before I had even finished listening to ‘Every Language’ for the first time, I could already feel myself loving this song in a way I hadn’t loved romantic songs in years. Riley Wells’ ability to enamor a person from the very first listen is unforseen yet exhilarating.

As an artist that embraces her romantic side, her sensuality and her weaknesses just as much as she values her strengths, Riley Wells is a must listen for anyone with a desire to feel empowered, or for people who enjoy feeling as though they had a deep, honest conversation with the artist after listening to their music. Her ethereal sound can be enjoyed by anyone with enough imagination and a preference for sincere art.

At the age of twenty-one and with a recent arrival to the commercial pop world, Riley’s future and possibilities seem endless. If ‘Every Language’ and her previous releases are only an appetizer of her full potential, there’s no telling what achievements are out of her reach.

If you enjoyed Riley Wells’ music and would like to stay updated, be sure to check out her official website. For social media you can follow her Facebook, Instagram, and Tiktok accounts. To listen to her music, you can head over to her Spotify profile and Youtube channel.

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