THS “What Would You Do”

We’re glad to announce psychedelic rock band THS’s new single, “What Would You Do,” released last Friday.

THS are Dave Trupia – Bass, Lead Vocals, Michael Sciotto – Drums, Percussion, Backing Vocals, and Brian Hauff – Guitars.  They are three long-time friends and excellent musicians, who got together to create new music. Hauff and Trupia started to collaborate in 2015, after many years of playing together, and Sciotto joined in 2020. As they write, “It’s been an interesting and unusual year for all, but creating new music is always a good way to keep our sanity.” Their EP was recorded at Elliptical Sound Studio (Michael Sciotto – Producer, Dave Trupia – Co-Producer, Composer, Brian Hauff – Composer).

Prior to releasing “What Would You Do”, the band released a single in 2020 (“Comin At Me 2020”), as well as two other singles from earlier this year (“Down The Rabbit Hole” and “Just Cant Seem To”). The band describe their influences as “Anything Rock and Roll,” and their new single was inspired by “the proverbial question of endless love as time is running out.”

As they explain their songwriting process, “Most of the songs written during the Covid sessions are a reflection of living through a time of isolation and loss. What would you do is at the top of that list. During normal times THS is more of a hard rocking happy to be here bunch of guys. The driving force for THS is Brian Hauff on Guitar. His guitar ideas make it easy for Dave Trupia’s bass lines and lyrics to fly onto the page. Rounding out the trio is Michael Sciotto on Drums and Backing Vocals.”

And regarding their new single, the band writes “What would you do is a song about feeling the loneliness in a tumultuous relationship with life itself. Musically it is derived from 70s hard rock, IE: Led Zeppelin meets UFO. Lyrically It is deeply rooted in abandonment or sadness. It comes from a dark place, the first verse is more gentle, like if you leave me there will be no sun and darkness will prevail on my soul. The second verse escalates to a more aggressive feeling of if you leave there is nothing left. Stay with me is more of a pleading line, don’t leave me alone. I was envisioning taking one’s soul and putting it in a box.”

THS’s new single begins with sitar-like sounds and pleasant waves of distorted electric guitar, forming a chilled-out groove along with the bass and drums. As the vocals begin the first verse, the song’s Eastern-sounding opening melody shifts seamlessly to a more bluesy, hard rock sound; while the vocal harmonies during the choruses add a lighter, breezy dimension to the music, juxtaposing nicely with the heavy guitar distortion and lyrics about uncertainty. The riffs during the verses throughout the track are reminiscent of classic/hard rock bands such as Led Zeppelin, while the sitar-like textures bring to mind modern psych-rock bands such as Siena Root.

As THS explain, “We love rock and roll, and will keep playing as long as we are physically able.” I think THS’s love for rock music, as well as their creativity and excellent musicianship, are quite evident on “What Would You Do,” and I would highly recommend this track to fans of 70s-inspired hard rock and psychedelic rock alike.

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