Andi Jackson “Antennas”

Today we’re glad to announce the release of Manchester, UK-based psychedelic rock artist Andi Jackson’s new single, “Antennas.”

Multi-instrumentalist, songwriter and musician Andi Jackson plays in the bands Shuck, Lake of Snakes & Our Man In The Bronze Age, which all have upcoming releases planned for 2021; and along with his friend Beanie Bhebhe, he runs his own DIY record label, Fr33zehead. In addition, he holds a full-time job and has just completed the writing and recording of his second solo album, Sub Horror. Prior to this new single and his upcoming album, Andi Jackson released an EP in 2017 entitled Excerpts, followed by an album in 2019, entitled The Catalyst.

As Jackson describes his new single, “Antennas, is the first single to be released off my upcoming album Sub Horror, written, recorded in lockdown. The song is inspired by sci-fi b-movies. The album concept is about the roller coaster of different forms of depression and is to be released through Fr33zehead records. Antennas has an almost woozy, bass driven hypnotic feel, taking the repetitive, propulsive nature of post-punk and psych rock letting it organically seep into a lofi experimental, indie anthem, packed with spirit, character and personality, as well oozing an authentic creative coolness throughout, that’ll draw in all who are in tune with the more underground, alternative side of independent music.”

On “Antennas,” hypnotic, chanted vocals and echoing, effects-laden electric guitar textures blend nicely with the droning organ and repeating bass melody, bringing to mind some of the more experimental psychedelic/krautrock bands such as The Myrrors. A saxophone soon enters the track and contrasts nicely with the bass, drums, guitar, and organ, adding a new sonic dimension to the song. It’s later joined by a distorted guitar melodies, which intertwine with the saxophone quite well without distracting from the trance-like groove; I am reminded here of the droning qualities of Kungens Män’s sound, or the more relaxed moments of Mythic Sunship. Throughout “Antennas,” the instruments all flow together quite smoothly, weaving a psychedelic tapestry that pleasantly surrounds the listener in bass-driven waves of sound.

Andi Jackson’s new single is a thoroughly enjoyable listen, and his innovative compositional skills, as well as excellent musicianship, are quite apparent on this track. I look forward to listening to the upcoming release of his Sub Horror album, and would highly recommend this new track to fans of psychedelic rock, krautrock, and experimental music alike.

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