Bones In Butter, “Littlewing”

Welcome back to Less Than 1,000 Followers! In this New Music Friday feature, we’ll be presenting a fresh single by Bones In Butter, a musical project formed in Belgrade, Serbia … let’s get right into it!

Bones In Butter is a project led by Milutin Krasevic; formerly working within the fields of linguistics, his early love for music (fueled by the Electric Light Orchestra and bands such as Joy Division and The Velvet Underground) coupled with years of experience writing and performing songs, have made possible the recording of the Love and Fear EP. Counting with the collaborations of session musicians from all over the world, Milutin shares his unique vision along with Luna Skopelja (Vocals, samples), Todor Zivkovic (Guitars), Dejan Skopelja (Bass), Tom Fedja Franklin (Drums) and Srdjan Popov (Guitar, mix and master).

The sweet introduction of “Littlewing” immediately hits with a wave of nostalgia for the late sixties: Milutin’s warm tone and the backing vocals by Luna, floating over the comforting rhythmic structure of the piece really set you up for a chill, alternative sound experience (they also work nicely as an hommage to Lou Reed). The texture created by the combination of these voices and the instrumentals is rich in colour effects, the bright notes of the guitar expanding on the harmonic impressions left by this musical poem… there are so many things to love about this song!

“A few words about our music:
My bandmates and I are trying to figure out how to blend beautiful melodies and harmonies of old Italian pop songs of the 60s with the darkness and thoughtfulness of the Post-Punk era into an unique style.”


Milutin introduces his upcoming EP with a single displaying refined taste and a natural inclination towards poetic images within music; it will definitely be exciting to hear new releases by this sensitive artist… be sure not to miss out his work!

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