Chay Snowdon – “Are You Sitting Comfortably? (Then We’ll Begin)”

Fun, aggressive and full of energy … these young UK musician and his amazing band have made a statement and brought a new air to the indie-rock musical arena with their completely new debut album: Are You Sitting Comfortably? (Then We’ll Begin). A “The Strokes-meets-The Who-meets The Killers” powerful and danceable enterprise by Chay Snowdon.

The album consists of seven tracks which include both a very special intro and outro. The thematic was influenced by Chay’s early years of living in Southern Spain, household of the filming of many old-school Westerns. These influences are deeply rooted across the whole body of work and turned it into a subtle homage to the golden age of Hollywood cinema.

Energy is found across the whole album, since first song “What The Kids Want”, talking themes like money, crooks and a young man from England looking for the “American Dream”. Secondly we have “Tough Guys Die First” with it’s very catchy hook, nifty chorus and heavy banging bridge.

Next we have anthemic “Loud Shirts”, probably the most serious-feeling track, followed by “Men Cry Too” a sentimental tale of angsty youth. Last song “Cash Only” is a merry sounding song telling the sad tale of a lonely guy and a “cash only” lady. The album’s title is inspired by silver screen television, you can see each artwork with this recurrent theme, as well as the intro and the outro.

The idea was to make the album as much as an experience as possible, so the intro and outro seem to link to each other should the listener decided to play the album on a loop.

Chay Snowdon had been releasing singles for a couple of years, but now, with the help of John Cornfield (Muse, Razorlight, Supergrass) the band decided to record an album which’s songs had the same energy as they feel when played live. And they nailed it.

The band’s previous singles have received repeated national and international radio plays from the likes of Steve Lamacq on BBC 6 Music and The New Rock Show on Planet Rock Radio and SiriusXM. They have also received regular support from BBC Introducing in the South West and were also invited to perform a live session for BBC Introducing in the West:

“He has always been a great song writer and now he is making his songs sound absolutely fabulous. I’m very proud to get him into the white room” – Sam Bonham, BBC Introducing in the West.

You can tell these guys put a lot of work in their debut, in fact, this album had been in the works since 3-4 years ago! Starting with their previous singles and gigs. It was also recorded under global-pandemic and UK weather circumstances, making the result even more outstanding.

Chay and the band hope that you find this album as a mean of certain escapism and that you dance all around your house like you just don’t give a damn!

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