Emma Dark “Be Still”

Danger. Would you run far far away, or stay and face your fears? I would probably run. But what about when you cannot escape? What if the danger is woven into the everyday life and is not easy to escape from?
A flowing rock tune with deep psychological message discusses this topic, giving the artist’s own vision based on her experiences.

Emma Dark hails to us from United States, and she has knack for writing indie rock. She began early, having found her ear for melody and skill for writing vocal lines. She started writing songs to heal herself from bad experiences of not belonging anywhere.
Her dream was to start a rock band and joined a local music class for collaboration. Even though the pandemic stopped her from performing, but she found a match in an experienced guitar player from the class – Dillon Brown. Combining the efforts and her influence from her favourite childhood poem “The Spider and the Fly”, the result is delightful psychology-infused journey through the dark unknown.

Her second single titled “Be Still” marches onwards, anxious but determined, quivering at the sign of danger, but keeping it together through all of this, and succeeding with the triumphant guitar solo. The feelings of being trapped overflow at the chorus with the drums going hard, and her voice sounding like the inner reasoning of a young person encouraging themselves to keep their head up.
It’s a perfect cautionary tale about keeping your mind clear when something is wrong.

“”Be Still” is the second song of a series, about the need to remain calm and clear minded, in the presence of danger. It’s often when we are “stuck,” “afraid,” “outta time, outta ways, outta days,” “weak,” and pleading, “detangle me,” because we want to be set free, that we must remain calm in order to survive. When I’ve been fed lies, I remind myself of the truth.”

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