Emmrose “The Imposter”

The Imposter syndrome and the feeling of not being quite as good as people tell you are are often rather debilitating thoughts that cross your mind when you’ve done a thing. Especially when it’s a creative thing.
A new single released today by a bright young artist is touching the same exact topics in a particularly charming way, which feels like the artist is telling it’s alright to have such thoughts and gives strength to move on towards the warmth of the future.

Emmrose is a fresh young artist living in New York City. She’s not even in her 20s yet, but she has already spread hew wings wide and flown a great distance.
It began for her back in middle school when boredom hit her in class and to fight it she started writing a song. After this point she soon found herself performing in various clubs in NYC on weekends, and by now she has released a whole array of singles and a 7-track album. She also holds a weekly streaming show on her Instagram where she loves playing acoustic versions of her music. You’re invited to join her international audience!

Her sound is bold, finely crafted like a gemstone and surprisingly mature and reminiscent of great female vocalists such as Lana Del Rey and Phoebe Bridgers. The topics she touches with her wonderful vocals and heartfelt lyrics come from her everyday life and observations. That sort of liquid flow and tonal range coming from an artist as young as 16 is wild, and ‘impressive’ feels too weak of a term to describe all that. If this is how she sounds like right now, what is she going to sound like in the future? The mind is boggling.

I assume you all know about a game called Among Us. It’s a game that has found huge success and is about finding who is the Impostor whose task is to kill someone and pretend they didn’t do that.
The shiny new single is inspired by the very game.
Emmrose wrote the song as she battled with her case of Imposter Syndrome and anxiety coming from that. As she looked into the mirror for reasons why she’s feeling like that and searched for ways to overcome and leave those thoughts and feelings behind, a song was born.

The folky dreampop tune begins softly and then expands like a mountain valley in springtime, taking the listener straight inside. Feeling of doubt and questioning self-worth have been linked with the game and life itself. The ethereal multi-layered vocal bit near the end of the song is something I don’t really want to leave unmentioned, it gives the song quite an unexpected yet fitting twist besides the simple fact it sounds absolutely beautiful.

The artist shared the process of making the song as well as thoughts she weaved into the lyrics, which she gave a lot of attention to perfect:

One of my favorite ways to describe Imposter Syndrome is in the line, “She tried to run, but thinking you’re the best is kinda fun”, as I have experienced the feeling of being chosen as the best out of a group of people, and for a few minutes it feels great, and then the doubt seeps in and you develop a fear of being discovered as not worthy.

Then it gets revealed that the narrator is the imposter and that they finally reveal this when they expected to be found out. “I told you when I was feeling pretty scared the charade would end.” This is my favorite part of the song lyrically, as I love connecting scars to lies, and how not being true to yourself is a double edge sword.

“I hope this song can help people that also struggle with their self-worth, as well as finding ways to cope with their anxiety through the support of friends and family.

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