“Free” by Leo Kelly-Gee & Matt Ginno

A tune as immaculate and inspiring as the cover art that accompanies it… This is the sound of two people who excel in their art – true virtuosos. Welcome to the new single from Leo Kelly-Gee duetting with Matt Ginno.

‘Free’ is an aspirational longing to escape; to break away and experience life at its fullest again. Matt sings the first verse and chorus around the idea of driving and escaping somewhere by car with the open road ahead of him. Leo’s verse and chorus play around with the idea of sailing; feeling the pull of the sea and casting off into the unknown. Finally they both come together in the final chorus to sing about flying; soaring into the sky so high that the worries of the world are too small to be seen.

You can certainly hear the influence of experienced masters like Paul Simon or Tracy Chapman – but this sounds just as exhilarating as a John Mayer or Ben Howard creation…

“We wanted to create something that would last, that would stand up as a song in its own right and not simply be a product of its time. Think National Geographic vs. The Mail on Sunday … we wanted to be the former.”

‘Free’ is a truly exceptional piece of acoustic songwriting, the perfect combination of masterful yet melodic guitar work, crystal clear vocals and powerful evocative lyrics. ‘Free’ is the aspirational soundtrack to 2021 and perfect for any acoustic playlist.

Written during lockdown and recorded at the end of 2020, the song speaks to the yearning desire to escape, to break free and experience life at its fullest again.

“Soaring into skies aglow
The worries of the world below
Are so small that I can’t see
If I could feel
Cotton tail and vapor trials
The shifting scales of stratus veils
It’s all I’d want to be …”

Amen to that…

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