Levy “Melody”

Levy embraces her softer, more gentle side in her new single ‘Melody’

The German singer-songwriter Levy is no newcomer to the music scene. With strong foundations on classical education and experience in musical theatre, Levy was able to travel abroad to London to continue her studies Popular Music Performance at BIMM London in 2015. The knowledge and experience she’s obtained there, on top of her previous expertise, is now being displayed in her music, showcasing her talents as a keys player, vocal arranger and session vocalist for live bands and regular sessions at  Abbey Road Studio.

Of course, Levy is also often found recording new music. In preparation for her upcoming debut EP, she has started releasing small tasters to let us know what the complete experience will feel like. Levy released the lead single,  ‘Seeing Red’ in January. The track, similar to previous singles such as  ‘Partner in Crime’ and  ‘Shoulder’, features neo-soul grooves infused in the artist’s own adaptation of pop-rock music. These songs are full of lively energy and Levy’s playful vocals give them even more expressiveness.

Melody differs from her other songs as Levy temporarily places aside the pop-rock sounds and instead opts for a more gentle approach in the form of a ballad. 

As most ballads do, Melody is a song that focuses on love. For Levy, love is something freeing, allowing liberation from worries and the negatives as you give in to your feelings and stop preoccupying yourself with small matters. It makes sense, then, that the song has a very relaxing sound, as it represents the freedom felt when you accept and indulge in that love. 

Describing the feeling experience as she’s encompassed by a new love, the song gently pulls you into a warm embrace with its atmospheric lyrics and serene sound. The warmth found in the track is akin to a tender touch: full of love and done with care. 

Regarding the making of the song, Levy shared how Melody is an admission of love and a sort of giving-in to it. I had the song idea in my head for months before I managed to write it, and the whole process felt very intimate. The instrumentation was a collaborative effort, mostly between my two guitarists (Sam Oxley and Kaz Czapski) and me, as I wanted to have almost a bed of guitars and vocals on this track. It’s the first ballad I’ve ever released, so I’m curious to see how listeners will respond!”

There is an undeniable rock feeling to the track, as the drums eventually build a stronger presence and especially when the guitar is given its own spotlight. Melody works beautifully as a soft rock ballad that still shares a core with Levy’s other works as it simultaneously branches out into a completely different style. 

As her EP will deal with the multitude stages and forms of love, each song will focus on a different viewpoint or reaction to love. Coming from the intensity of Seeing Red into the serendipitous Melody, Levy is already demonstrating her different viewpoints on love, and the way she’s mastered both perspectives only makes us more excited for what’s next.

If you enjoyed Levy’s music and would like to stay updated, be sure to check out her official website. For social media you can follow her Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter accounts. To listen to her music, you can head over to her Spotify profile, Soundcloud, and Youtube channel.

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