Libby Phippard, “Please Don’t Ask Me To Stay”

March 12, 2021

Welcome to another New Music Friday release! It is with great pleasure that we get to share with you the third single by Libby Phippard, an artist whose work will surely be appreciated by our fellow music enthusiasts!

Libby Phippard is a singer and songwriter from London, who recently debuted by releasing her first single in September 2020. Displaying interest in music from a young age, Libby decided to study music and composition at University of York; her formation as an opera singer has allowed her to perform as a soloist at notable venues, the Sydney Opera House among others. Her music therefore employs elements from the classical tradition, while also taking inspiration from modern folk artists such as Hozier and Mumford and Sons, as well as from Tylor Swift.

In “Please Don’t Ask Me To Stay”, Libby explores the theme of growth and the feelings involved with periods of transformation in our lives. Decisiveness and melancholia are present not only on the lyrics, but also in the melodic writing of the piece itself. Her experience in songwriting and composition are clearly present in the management of resources used for building up intensity right until the climax, and the subsequent resolution of the piece; the dialogues formed between the piano accompaniment and the main voice, with an occasional use of her lower register as reiterations of her resolve, the dramatic effect provided by the introduction of strings and a backing choir… Libby’s performance is full of expression, her profound but gentle tone is worthy of admiration.

“The story behind the track is about letting go of people holding you back from stepping into your true self. It’s an expression of melancholy at the inevitability of leaving certain people behind, which is something everyone will at some point need to do.”


It is great to see how concert musicians from all over the world have been recreating themselves, as their main activity was halted during recent times. The search for beauty and the innovations of humanity’s artistic genius are ever-present constants that will always be found within those concerned with these ideals. Today, it is in Libby Phippard’s single that we can appreciate this search for truth and expression through art.

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