“Lying Next To You” by Wild Tibetan Monks

Dublin, Ireland is the place to herald from right now when you’re a musical force starting out… there’s a tangible sense of excitement with the talent floating around – something about the Dublin musical DNA that has spawned such wonders as Fontaines DC, Girl Band and Gemma Dunleavy among others, add to that list Wild Tibetan Monks… Sean (bass, vocals), Ringo (guitar) and Liam (drums) have created this nostalgic indie-rock sweet little nugget of a frustrated love song…

Sean says, “The song is about not just physically lying next to someone, but lying in not telling them the truth. It’s about feeling trapped, not knowing what to do. It’s about being conflicted, having all these emotions that you want to share with someone but can’t.”

The song explores how difficult expression can be: even with someone who you truly care about. When things are good you think it’ll feel that way forever. Once your favourite toy, eventually you get put back on the shelf (“It really hurts since you put me down”). But that sound… If you put The XX, Viola Beach and Pavement into a sonic blender this could be the sumptuous result…

“The song depicts feeling conflicted about what you should say and what you should share. At the end of the song, there’s regret. The narrator knows they should have been honest, should have said how they felt, should have spilled their heart out.”

The song was written by bass player and vocalist Sean, who then brought it to the band. It was recorded in Hellfire Studios (Dublin) when the band returned from a two year stint in Australia. 

Being a native Dub myself, can’t wait until all this quarantine malarky is over and done with… bring on the gigs people – and bring on the Wild Tibetan Monks please…!

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