Norrisette – “Paper”

Amazingly beautiful. UK artist and performer, Norrisette, has just released “Paper”, a 4 track, experimental, melancholic and mesmerizing EP that would make My Brightest Diamond proud. A, must heard, compassionate representation of grief, melancholy and loneliness.

Norrisette’s voice by itself is absolutely gorgeous, and the instrumentation makes you feel warm and home. Everything feels so authentic, so ethereal, so bright despite of the melancholic sentiment behind the lyrics.

With its unusal use of paper as an actual instrument, the EP’s title fits perfectly right. I mean, who comes with the idea of using paper as an actual instrument?? Norrisette did and not only did she do it, she made a masterpiece.

Unread” is the name of the first track. Lovely voice, lovely ambient and beautiful emotion. It portraits the feelings and thoughts of regretting all that might have been. Next we have “Sheets of Paper“, a bit more serious, quieter, and equally lovely piece. Here we can really start to listen to Norrisette’s experimental techniques with the use of pieces of paper: scribbling on it, tearing it apart, mashing it, etc.

The composition is very intimate and very caring. The song talks about entering into the paper world to visit a friend who died. Here is where I wonder, how can someone turn grief into something so beautiful?

‘Paper’ is about grief, loss and travelling into the second dimension to be with a loved one who lives on in paper and words that they wrote. We can hear this more clearly in “Ink”, here Norrisette’s feelings really transpire through as she speaks to her loved one and asks him to find her. It demands to you be taken away to anywhere else, except the present time.

Inside the Second Dimension” is the last track, and it is an ASMR experience trying to convey the sensation of being inside of a book. Pretty original and genuine. Maybe the only thing negative about this EP is that it isn’t longer.

Norrisette seems to have a deep contact with her emotions, clearly (and sadly) grief is one of them, and she made a concept EP so beautiful, so intimate and so rewarding; with such mastery that it deserves to be heard by everybody.

We hope she soothes her grief, just as for everyone who gives her a listen, we hope she knows that she has created some of the most captivating pieces of work, ever. Everything was recorder in a small room in her house. She is effectively a bedroom pop producer as necessitated by a global pandemic.”

Norrisette also makes her own artwork and music videos and does live experimental DJ sessions using homemade beats and improvised vocal loops; influenced by Kate Bush, TOKiMONSTA, James Blake, Billie Eilish, FKA Twigs, David Bowie and Bjork.

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