Route 500 – “The Slowest Sting”

A perfect blend of melancholy and calmness, Route 500’s new single “The Slowest Sting” is a deep reaching, personal theme sure to send chills down your spine.

Route 500 is a new independent proyect which’s music searches for the deepest feelings of humanity’s psyche, troubles, dreams, and thoughts. A wandering voice soothing the inner pain and the unspoken feelings, giving space for intimacy. Route 500 is a band that resurged back from industry’s limitations with a new form, a more conscious, freedom-ridden sound. A deep exploration of human psyche.

“The Slowest Sting” is a calm, slow growl, that slowly increases intensity, a song that looks for freedom of the shackles of emotional weight, dreaming of riddance and peace of mind. The never-ending quest to let things go, and, by all means, feel lighter.

Few bands explore human emotion the way Route 500 does, coming up with a perfect sound aesthetic that achieves to reflect emotion in their own expression. From the likes of Thom Yorke and Jeff Buckley, Route 500 finds safe haven through exploration and simple yet deep-reaching expression.

‘The Slowest Sting’ looks to illustrate the idea of someone being warned about the dangers of the emotional weight he’s carrying, a personal reflection on someone’s past self and its desired future, feeling the urge to look around instead of back or ahead.

‘I like the idea of feeling light, feeling present and weightless. If time were to stand still, you’d have no choice but to take in your immediate surroundings and I think that’s where that sensation lies.‘ – Route

The single it’s available everywhere, released on Route 500’s own label: Wrong Colour. We don’t know much more of this upcoming proyect, but we do know that they keep a mantra of creative freedom and expression.

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