The UK rock scene has a range of different styles that can easily be found within arms reach, from Grunge to Punk and everything in between. SHADER offers an explosive sound through their new single “RUNAWAY”.

The band depicts the struggles of daily life along with the positioning, thoughts, and feelings that stem from modern-day Pop culture. Their previous release, “True To Life” reached the number two spot as a UK physical copy. SHADER’s clearly not slowing down anytime soon as they get ready to embark on a UK tour in August 2021.

“It was written in a flat in Didsbury, Manchester, I was working at Blockbuster Video, spending all my spare time watching classic films (perks of the job), daytime TV and becoming obsessed with 80’s post-punk band The Sound. The guitar intro & feel are my nod to the genius of Adrian Borland of The Sound.”

Hailing from Manchester and Stoke, this powerful quartet doesn’t fall short of an energetic and upbeat journey through a field of emotions, backed with powerful chords, driving beats, and a  serenade of strong vocals from Stu Whiston.

I really enjoyed the contrast coming from the catchy melody paired with a relatable feeling of angst and escape that builds throughout the track. Cascading riffs with a focus on form-fitting lyrics that paint a picture of a better quality of life stood out the most to me after giving this single a few listens. Breakout moments and fills came in from the drums and guitar and bass that definitely let the song breathe.

The candor of “RUNAWAY” ended in a southing outro that left me wanting to hear more. I’m interested to see what this song might lead into if it’s included in SHADER’s upcoming album and I’m excited to see where this UK powerhouse is up to next!

“RUNAWAY” is available on a special 7″ clear vinyl and in digital form HERE!

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