The Freight – “Found”

Boston heavy hitters The Freight have yet again proved that the pandemic is no reason to stop creating music and have gifted us with their new and fourth single “Found”, their second release of 2021; a banger with an 80s and epic sound.

Although it’s vibes are influenced by 80s groups like Van Halen and Journey, one can’t help but notice a futuristic sound within this energetic tune. Rock and Roll fans over the world will appreciate the blend between past and new, a kind of reconciliation between eras.

“Found”, written and composed by Adam Tiro, is a song about the relationship you want to happen but discovering that the other person might be leading you on, and you choose to leave before figuring it out! It is a highly energetic ride filled with guitars and vintage drums, supported by a fat bass and retro synths.

“The Freight are back at it with producer Jeff Rosen and there are some shining moments in this songs production that come through in the energy of the song. “

The Freight is composed by Adam Tiro on guitars and vocals, Stephen Anderson on bass, Greg Tragellis on keys and vocals, Marc Lovering on drums and John Marinilli on percussion. A five piece formation that carries the rock and roll flag with an unexpected mix of musical audacity.

Having released their funky single “Try Me On” in January to great success, “Found” is another huge step forward for the band as they continue to rise their momentum in 2021. They have big plans for this year and this single surely kicks it off for them!

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