FRNDS AS CMPNY – “White Flag”

I’m amazed at how many talented artists we’ve had along the last few weeks, it is a very good sign that not everything has been negative about the pandemic to music. Today’s new EP from London artist FRNDS AS CMPNY is a transparent, honest and emotional statement of both personal and political nuances.

We are talking about “White Flag”, the first EP work from FRNDS AS CMPNY that consists of 5 tracks that cover human emotions like pleasure, pain, grief, jealousy and love. Years in the making, White Flag sets FRNDS AS CMPNY as a promising uprising in the electro-pop musical arena.

Starting with “Catching Fires“, the song that turned White Flag into an actual EP, is a beautiful and emotive work of guitars, sensitive vocals and lyrics, sustained by evolving synths and oscillating drums. In FRNDS AS CMPNY’s words: “It’s about doing the impossible, and knowing it’s okay to be different. This one sets the tone for the entire EP and welcomes you with a cinematic vibe. “This song is my mantra”.

We Are Only Human” is track 2, and it’s a more electric, indie-pop-esque vibe with tinctures of The Killers, made of self-assuring truth, as we’re in fact, “only human”. It’s kind of a surrender to the fact that we are constrained by our own limitations, inspired by every day life and daily fights we might encounter. “It’s about the fight, the struggle and the release”.

Next we have homophone third track “White Flag“, keeping the electronic ambience and deep thought lyrics. A call to the need of sometimes putting up the white flag and take a step back from the fight. It’s a swing and sway song that searches for the answer to an existential question: “Will the fight ever end?

“This EP gets to the root of us. As we are only human, we all raise the white flag sometimes and say, ‘I’m done, I give up.” – FRNDS AS CMPNY

Who Killed Paradise” is track 4 and the most energetic one, a drum & bass style song that seems to chill you out despite of its eerie lyrics. A hooky chorus and driving drums function as a warning for whats to come if we go down our destructive paths. And last but not least we get a cover with a more electronic approach of Gary Jule’s “Mad World“. Beautifully done, quite different but with the same aura.

FRNDS AS CMPNY is a self-taught producer, singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist from London who is very involved in every piece of his work. But music speaks for itself, so don’t just believe my words and listen to his statement in this profoundly personal yet universal token.

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