Peak Futures “Orion”

Soul is something that can’t be taken out of London. Whether it’s leaning towards a Rock tinge or a UK Jazz groove, it’s become a staple, prominent genre throughout the modern-day music world. When I first took a listen to Peak Futures latest release, “Orion” I went ahead and watched the music video first so I could get a full understanding of the intention and creativity behind the song. This was a great way to experience their music as it painted a picture filled with discovery, the unknown, and pure emotion.

That feeling of raw emotion is what has always drawn me towards Soul music. The six-piece effort led by Joe Bernie’s Vocals falls in line with a truly unique take on the genre. Bassist and Guitarist Chris Hills brought this Soul-filled group consisting of Sara De Santis (Piano), Joe Bernie (Vocals), Pauli the PSM (Drums), Eva Brooks (Backing Vocals) and Rebecca Freckleton (Backing Vocals) together in 2019 and they’ve definitely shown promise with only two releases and more to come.

Peak Futures song “Orion” followed the band’s debut single “Tapestry” and both of these songs will be featured on their upcoming album, Colours of The Sun. I’m excited to embrace a new twist on Soul music and I’m even more excited to hear what kind of style and takes on traditional Soul instrumentation come from their full album. In the meantime you can listen to “Orion” here!, it’s out now on Community Laundry Records.

“The theme of the whole album is mainly about gaining self-understanding through a journey to unfamiliar spaces, be they physical, mental or cultural. The wider album
threads a path that criss-crosses from the stellar to the earthly and back, touching on both the richness and detail of the everyday as well as the cosmic scale of the Universe”

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