Victoria Taylor “Without You”

Victoria Taylor‘s elegance and sophisticated charm are palpable throughout the entirety of her newest release, ‘Without You’.

Growing up in a large Italian American family, this New Jersey based artist was raised with DJs and dancefloors being a must-have in every family gathering. It was there when Victoria Taylor came to know big artists such as Celine Dion, Cher, and Whitney Houston, who inspired the young Victoria and eventually led to her studying jazz and contemporary music. 

Other two big influences in her love and innate talent for music, Taylor shares, are her grandmother and mother. Her grandmother, under the stage name Ann Castle, was a touring singer with a loved hit song, and her mother was a singer and performer as well. The inspiration Victoria Taylor feels thanks to them motivates her to be proud of her origins and to persevere in following her dream.

Currently enamored the most by R&B music, a discovery she made during her time studying, Taylor creates songs aimed to evoke the same emotions R&B give rise to within her. Especially when it comes to writing lyrics that pay homage to the two main gravitational forces in her musical life, her lyrics center around love, fear and pain, and empowerment, as a reminder to her audience of the beauty and strength that lies within each and everyone of them.

Victoria Taylor is currently living in New York City, where she’s also finishing preparations for her upcoming EP, to be released in fall of this year.

When it comes to Without You, it’s impossible to describe it without mentioning its grandeur. 

Empowerment, acceptance, and love are a constant element in the story the song tells, and it also touches on pain, mourning and learning to let go. With so many storytelling elements, it would be easy for the lyrics and song to feel cluttered, but Taylor manages to include just the perfect amount of each component, and they all co-exist beautifully with each other and with the acoustic orchestra of guitar riffs that carry the song. As a whole, this complicated project succeeds in ensnaring and amazing the listener with its moving meaning.

Victoria Taylor shared how the meaning of the song was inspired by Josie Silver’s book, “The Two Lives of Lydia Bird”, which narrates the journey of a woman as she’s faced with the many possibilities and wondrous what-ifs found at life’s crossroads. Taylor especially focuses on the woman’s struggle to move on from her deceased fiancé, as she begins to live a parallel life with him in her dreams as a way to cope with her loss.

In Without You, Victoria Taylor wanted to focus on that grief that’s explored in the book, writing in her song how although the pain seems impossible to move on from, the correct path is to stop living in our dreams, and eventually carry on as we find a new source of happiness. 

“The core of this song engraves into our hearts that as women it is okay to be alone. The initial shock may hit you hard and this song explores that but the stigma that we need someone to survive is long gone. There truly is power in the unknowns of tomorrow all we have to do is reach out, grab it and make it worth it. “

Victoria Taylor created a path for all the women who might feel lost without love, and she plans to keep spreading her message of empowerment for as long as someone’s willing to listen.

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