Kasha Lee “I’ll Be Free”

If you have ever found yourself in a dark place and in desperate need for a helping hand and a glimpse of inspiration telling it’s possible to find the light, and it’s alright to feel down, the go for music. Nothing does the job better than the melodies of music when it comes to cutting into the emotional dark. Here’s a lovely new single that I feel can do exactly that!

This young artist is Kasha Lee, the LA-based lady who found her musicality and joy of singing even before she could speak. Her first try at writing music happened when she wrote her first song in 3rd grade about a mushroom and gave it a title “Mushroom Who Found Love”. Since then, she has matured her sound and themes while still keeping the gentle young soulful lines in her music. That and also a combination of influences from the city she grew up in as well as her favourite artists make way to a rare sound of a gentle, optimistic, youthful persona exploring her thoughts and the world around her in a pure and honest way.

“I think the first time people listen to my music, they’re intrigued. It’s hard to objectively gauge it myself, but I’ve been told a have a unique voice. I view that as an extremely value asset. Many artists can have fruitful careers with similar voices, but the songs that people really cling to, the names that are made and remembered for authenticity, always have something different in their vocal tone than other artists in their similar genres. Aside from my voice, there isn’t anything new listeners should especially expect from my music in the future. I’m still forming my niche, but I’ve never felt tied down or particularly drawn to a single type of song or genre. When I write, I don’t sit down and aim to produce any particular sound. I tried that for awhile, and for me, it doesn’t work. All I do is start, with usually a lyric and a melody, sometimes a guitar part, and really try to allow the music to flow through me. I believe my work flows through me from the collective consciousness, not from me or my brain alone. Although I know I influence it. I think the feeling of that creative process is reflected in my music. So, to sum it up, what a listener can expect from my music now is a poetic display of the unique experience of being human. From heartbreak, to addiction, anxiety, and the joy of mundane daily tasks, I write about the feelings and struggles I’ve gone through and aim to provoke those emotions in my audience.”

The new single is anthem of hope for a person who has recently broken their way out of an addiction, looking around searching for new source of fulfillment and excitement. Moody sounds reminiscent of triphop artists follow the feelings of the person, further enhanced by the rather fabulous distorted guitar and the altered muttering vocal sounds that give an additional layer of emotion to the already mixed bag of feelings. The song has the positive note for a hope of emotional freedom throughout, a twig in the dark undergrowth of a forest, aiming upwards, growing towards the rays of light.
“I’ll be free” is the title of the track, a thought of glowing hope and a method to boost yourself to carry on towards better times.

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