Dave Huntriss – “Dreams About Rooms”

Imagine yourself being at your house and discovering a room you’ve never seen before, then another… and another, going trough each of them and ending up lost and terrified… Well, this was a recurrent dream for today’s artist Dave Huntriss and the theme for his brand new single “Dreams About Rooms“, but instead of sounding scary and terrifying, it sounds mellow, up-bringing and sweet. Not bad for a song that was born from a scary dream!

Dave Huntriss is a Bristol-based multi-instrumentalist, composer, and producer known for his involvement with bands: Nicholson Heal, Hailaker, and the musician Kate Stapley. He recently moved up to his mama’s attic to setup a studio and shelter himself from Covid. There, he started a three weeks process to record “Dreams About Rooms” in February 2021.

The song describes a recurring dream I had several times in 2020 in which I discover hidden rooms in my house for the first time and then get lost and terrified.” – Dave Huntriss

This single is the first solo music recorded and released by Dave in almost four years, and is the first of several new singles he’s planning to release in 2021. Taking a different approach from the sparse, minimal acoustic textures of his debut album ‘[Re]collection’ (available everywhere), “Dreams About Rooms” ventures into dense arrangements of guitars, brass, vocals and textures that help to its dreamy vibe.

What stands out more about “DAR” is Dave’s musical ability to blend so many instruments without making the song clumsy. His beautiful delivery of layer after layer of vocals makes the song a delightfully pleasant experience for the listener. Increasingly dynamic, this up-beat pop song takes an unsettling experience and remolds it into a more magical one.

You can hear influences from the likes of The Cure and REM, but Dave also used strong songwriting and production influences from Phoebe Bridgers, Frightened Rabbit, and The National.

Dave has been writing and making music since his teens and uses music to find his own way through life. Battling difficulties like anxiety, coming of age, work, love and loss, this sensitive character hopes you discover yourself though his music. So go ahead and let yourself dream! With “Dreams About Rooms“.

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